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  • 3 Effective Exercise Tools You’re Probably Not Using

    This week my colleague Dr. Paul Salinas of Park Avenue Spine posted a link to an article that detailed the “10 Most Useless Exercise Machines — And The Smarter Alternatives You Should Consider” . I think the author hit the nail on the head and offers some simple, straight-forward, tried and true alternatives that more effectively achieve […]

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  • Mark your Calendars

    In order to keep you guys informed (and hopefully entertained), I’ve committed to posting daily blogs Monday – Friday. I’m giving a set schedule a whirl, for a few reasons: To keep myself accountable and posting useful information often To provide a variety of information and commentary on my different areas of expertise and interest […]

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  • My Big Secret

    I want to welcome you to my new blog by letting you in on my big secret. 

The big secret that my loyal personal training and group fitness clients pay the big bucks to learn. 

The secret that has taken me YEARS (as in, like, 20) of self-study and YEARS (about 8) of professional development to realize. 

The secret […]

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