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  • Mindset, Movement + Accomplishing More with Less

    Please note that I originally wrote this blog post for The Sweat Life, a lifestyle brand that aims to empower people to use health and wellness as a motivation toward a happy and balanced life. From a web standpoint, the site is, at its core, going to be the video Yelp for health, wellness, and fitness […]

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  • The key to results: enjoy the journey

    As we head into the last week of the month (which just so happens to end with the official kickoff of summer: Memorial Day weekend) I’m going to let you in on the most important key to getting results from your efforts to be more healthy or fit. Particularly when our schedules seem to get so […]

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  • #LizLoves: my favorite food products that make healthy not so hard

    Since I’ve been talking a lot this month in broad terms of how to make healthy not so hard – figuring out what’s worth it to you, focusing on being better than before, making realistic plans, among other things –  I thought I would share some of my go-to tools + products that make it […]

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