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  • My response to the #ClassPassPocalypse (it might surprise you) – PART 1

    Please note: today’s post is part of a 2-part series. Check back on Friday for part 2. Today’s post is purely my own personal opinion, with some reflection based on published commentary, and discussions with individuals who have given me permission to share.  It’s been a week since ClassPass announced it’s new pricing structure, and […]

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  • NEWSFLASH: Healthy Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

    Over the last few months, on social media and for myself personally, I’ve been focusing on a different goal each month. My intention has been that the effort of taking steps + making changes to get closer to reaching that particular goal would in and of itself lead to better health + more happiness. Self-love, […]

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  • Registered Dietician, Fitness Nut + Supermom Anita Mirchandani shares her recovery tips + tricks

    As part of this month’s focus on the importance of Recovery when it comes to fitness (and life!), I’ll be featuring various tool, tips, tricks, modalities + practitioners I utilize + recommend. Since most people are all about go-go-go and doing as much as possible, I realize that often recovery is first to be knocked […]

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