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As of Monday, March 30th, I will be taking my signature small group training classes online. While there is no shortage of free fitness options available, it is my goal to provide you with the "in real life" experience you would receive while taking a class with me at the gym or studio. Here's what you can expect out of every session:
  • 35 minutes, maximum 10 participants per session
  • 1:1 attention*
  • a focus on form + safe movements
  • modifications for injuries + pregnancy
  • an efficient, effective workout
  • all classes recorded for future use
*While not required, I highly recommend you share your video with me during classes. The #1 benefit of these sessions will be the personalized attention I can provide, offering real time feedback + adjustments customized to your goals + concerns. (And if you are shy about other participants seeing you, don't worry - there are only 10 of you, and everyone is focused on herself or himself!)
Please find available class schedule + formats below; I will adjust if necessary according to feedback + requests. All classes are $10, payable via Paypal or credit card on my booking page. (Venmo or cash payments are also accepted; please just email me at to book + confirm.) Your purchase includes both live attendance + video recording.
Classes are conducted via Zoom; once you register, you will be emailed login information, and sent video recording access via email after class.
To purchase + register for a single class:
  1. Visit my booking page
  2. Select the class type of your choice (from the first section of service options) and click "BOOK"
  3. Select the specific date you are interested in from the calendar; click "NEXT" from the box on the right
  4. Enter your name + email address. If you have any injuries, limitations, or other important consideration, please include in the message box. (Only I will see this information)
  5. Click "BOOK IT" from the box on the right. This will take you to the payment page, where you can pay by credit card, Paypal, or "Pay in Person." Please select "Pay in Person" if you prefer to pay by cash or Venmo. My Venmo account is: @lizbarnetsimmons
  6. Click "BOOK IT" from the box on the right. A confirmation page will pop up, and you will receive an automated confirmation email. You will receive a follow up email with Zoom login instructions, which are different for each class.

I promise this process is very easy, and ensures there are no more than 10 people registered for class maximum. It also offers several secure payment options depending on your preference.

I'm also offering a 1 month unlimited package for $100 which includes:
  • access to all classes, live + recorded (at least 20 distinct classes)
  • a 30 minute 1:1 health coaching call to discuss your goals, obstacles, and any way I might be able to support you during this time
Please email me at for this option, as I am only offering a limited number of these packages.
Your support + participation in any or all classes is so very appreciated! I am grateful to be able to connect with you during this unprecedented time.

With gratitude,
Mondays at 12pm: CORE + MORE
Tuesdays at 9:30am: STRENGTH
Wednesdays at 6pm: VINYASA YOGA (40 minutes)
Thursdays at 7am: STRENGTH
Fridays at 12pm: CORE + MORE
*Weekend class pending based on requests.

CORE + MORE: While you may think "core" = just your abs, in fact, it's everything from your shoulders down to your hips. (Yes, including your abs.) This workout efficiently combines elements of Pilates, athletic core strength training, and even corrective exercise to get your center strong. It's a perfect mid-day energy boost + posture perfecter and won't leave you drenched in sweat needing a shower. (Unless you're Liz - then you sweat no matter what!) Props: a mat or large towel for the floor, a smaller hand towel. (35 minutes)
STRENGTH: This total body strength training class will work you from head to toe, utilizing body weight with optional props for added resistance. Although the focus of the workout is building strength, by incorporating efficient, total body movements with minimal rest, you can expect metabolism-boosting effects. (Read: get ready to get sweaty!) Props required: mat or towel for floor, dumbbells or equivalent (water bottles or jugs, food cans, wine bottles) or resistance bands (options will be given for both). (35 minutes)
VINYASA YOGA: An abbreviated but challenging vinyasa-inspired yoga class, with a focus on form, flow, and breathing. Expect to simultaneously challenge the body while quieting the mind. Modifications offered for all levels. Props required: mat or towel for floor; optional: yoga blocks or strap. (35 minutes physical work with 5 minutes of mindful rest to conclude.)
Space is limited to 10 participants per session. Email me with questions or to sign up!