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METCON: Aka Metabolic Conditioning, this class features the "best of" cardio-focused high-intensity interval training + total body, bodyweight-focused strength training. Expect the calorie burn + cardiovascular benefits of HIIT, with the lean-muscle + metabolism boosting benefits of strength training. No equipment required, but weights and/or band options will be provided for Strength-focused movements.

STRENGTH: This class is so important + effective, I now offer it twice per week! Literally everyone can benefit from strength training, using both your own body weight + external resistance (in this case, dumbbells). Options provided for all levels + various equipment; expect lots of squatting, hinging, lunging, pushing + pulling - aka all of the most functional, efficient movements. (Note that Tuesday + Saturday classes will be different + complement one another.)

HIIT: All you need is a pair of sneakers + a willingness to work hard! But don't worry - one of the best parts of HIIT training is that for as hard as you work, you should be resting. (Think: all out sprint, then recover.) While plyometric movements (like jump squats) are programmed, they are not mandatory; you will definitely get your heart rate up and sweat regardless!

Note that while each class stands on its own, I PROGRAM the 4 weeks of classes just like I would for a personal training client: meaning each session has a FOCUS or GOAL, each session has MODIFICATIONS + OPTIONS, each session BUILDS upon the previous SKILLS, and all session COMPLEMENT + BALANCE one another.

All classes are:

  • 35 minutes + cool down/stretch

  • Appropriate for most levels of experience*

  • Progressively programmed - so that everyone has an option or modification

  • Capped at 15 people so that everyone can receive 1:1 attention (but only I will see your screen!)

  • Hosted live on Zoom + recorded for your convenience (replay does not expire)

  • $10 each, payable via Venmo (@lizbarnetsimmons), PayPal (liz@lizbarnet.com) or Zelle. Packages available.

*Contact me at liz@lizbarnet.com if you have an acute or chronic injury or are pregnant before registering.


LIVE + RECORDING: $10 per class / $75 for 8 classes /

$125 for All-Access.

All-Access includes: 16 scheduled classes + any "bonus" classes or workshops + one 30 minute virtual personal training session (July only)

RECORDING ONLY: $8 per class / $60 for 8 classes / $100 for All-Access.
All-Access (recording only) includes: recordings of 16 scheduled classes + any "bonus" classes or workshops

Email me at liz@lizbarnet.com to register or with any questions!

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