6-Week Total Body Training PRogram

After 15 years of personal training + group fitness coaching literally over thousands of clients, I know most people want the same thing out of a fitness program: it should be effective, efficient, safe, and fun, all while taking into consideration the necessary time + financial investment. 


The 6-week Total Body Training Program is like having an experienced, on-demand personal trainer working right along with you, according to your fitness level, your goals, and your schedule. Additionally, the education you receive along the way will serve you well beyond the 6-week Program, as you will complete it with a brand new understanding of how to move your body better - for life. You will no longer wonder, "Am I doing this right?" or "Is this the best exercise for me?" because you will KNOW how to exercise safely + effectively.




This program features many of the advantages of working with a personal trainer, at the cost + flexibility of taking group fitness or virtual classes.

  • complementary + balanced exercise modalities, featuring a combination of strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, and core, mobility + flexibility work. These types of training are science-based, functional, and most helpful for the average person looking to improve their overall fitness + body composition. 

  • progressively programmed training, meaning that each session builds upon + balances out each other. Over the course of 6 weeks, you can expect to get stronger, have more endurance, improve your movement patterns + mobility, and observe a noticeable difference in how you look + feel.

  • efficiently organized exercises + circuits, to make the most of your time + effort.

  • modifications + options to make exercises more challenging or more doable, including lower impact options.

  • expert cuing + demonstrations of each exercise, so that you can be confident you are moving your body in a safe + effective way. Rest assured there is a good reason for everything you are being coached to do - no "circus trick" exercises here!

  • 5 weekly workouts, 30 minutes each.

Unfortunately, we've been led to believe that our exercise routines fail us because we don't do "enough" - we need to spend more time working out to get results. But in fact, you probably don't need more time - you need more strategically programmed workouts (and perhaps a little more intensity!) Because each workout is just 30 minutes (including a targeted warm-up) and pre-recorded, the Program enables your workout to fit in to your busy life - and the best workout is the one you will do consistently.


It's also worth mentioning that the weekly workouts add up to 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week - which is exactly how much experts recommend for general health + wellness. (Note: while this Program satisfies your baseline weekly exercise requirement, I highly suggest complementing it with additional daily movement such as walking outside for 20-30 minutes total, taking the stairs, or even standing during work calls!)




After signing up for the 6-week Training Program, the following Sunday, you will receive via email links to a set of 5 workout videos. (i.e. if you register on Tuesday, you receive the links that Sunday.) You will receive:

  • 2 total body strength training workouts, utilizing dumbbells + bodyweight

  • 2 cardiovascular conditioning + core workouts, featuring a combination of high intensity interval + endurance training

  • 1 mobility + flexibility workout, incorporating elements of yoga, Pilates, and dynamic stretching


For the duration of the 6-weeks, each Sunday you will receive a set of 5 workouts intended for the upcoming week. The goal is that over the course of 7 days, you complete the 5 workouts according to your schedule. (Note: the mobility + flexibility workout can be done the same day as another workout if your schedule requires; ideally, you complete that workout the same day as a long walk or other activity.)

For each week of workouts, you will receive a written version of the program to help track your progress, both over the 6-weeks, as well as over time. In fact, once completing the 6-week Program, I recommend repeating it + noting your progress! Once you receive the videos + additional materials, you have access indefinitely.



The only equipment you need to participate is a mat and a set of medium-heavy dumbbells. Resistance bands (like a light-medium Theraband and set of miniband loops) as well as a sturdy chair or bench are helpful but not required. If you have additional weights or equipment, it will be noted in the videos where it may be appropriate to incorporate.


You'll also receive my Workout 101 video library + accompanying written materials, which cover the basics of Strength Training, Cardiovascular Conditioning, Core, and Mobility + Flexibility training. Each modality's video includes the very basic science of + instruction that is essential to execute it safely + effectively. Some highlights include:

  • Why you should prioritize strength training if you have body composition or weight management goals, including the most important strength training movements you need to do (and how to execute properly + modify)

  • The differences between + importance of incorporating both HIIT (high intensity interval training) and LISS (low intensity steady state) cardiovascular training

  • Why "core" means so much more than "abs," it's role in a well-functioning body, how to best challenge your core (hint: not with crunches)

  • The importance of both mobility + flexibility, what they are + how to improve them (spoiler alert: not by desperately trying to touch your toes)

The Workout 101 series is essentially like working with a personal trainer to learn the most important things you need to know in order to exercise safely + effectively.


I'm also offering weekly Health Coaching sessions throughout the duration of the program to a limited number of participants. This includes maintaining a digital fitness + food diary for review (hello, accountability!), and weekly Zoom meetings to answer questions, monitor progress, troubleshoot challenges, and generally offer support as you commit to building a better you. Email me at liz@lizbarnet.com for more information. 


If you worked with a personal trainer for 5 sessions a week for 6 weeks, it would cost you thousands of dollars. Signing up for the same number of group fitness classes would average at least $1000. And while there are a variety of virtual fitness options (both live + recorded), there are few - if any - that offer a balanced, progressive, goal-oriented program.


The 6-week Total Body Training Program is my way of combining the best of results-focused personal training at a fraction of the price.


Right now I'm offering the Program at an introductory rate $195. For the cost of a couple of personal training sessions or group fitness classes, you receive all 30 unique workout videos + accompanying written materials, as well as the entire Workout 101 library, to utilize indefinitely.


For those of you who may be unsure - whether we've never worked together, or you haven't  successfully worked out at-home, or whatever the reason may be - I'm offering a trial of Week 1 for $35. After completing Week 1, if you want to continue, the $35 will be deducted from the remaining cost of the program. And if for whatever reason you decide it's not for you, you can walk away with 5 strategically programmed workouts to utilize. 




The 6-Week Total Body Training Program launches on Sunday, September 19th. While you can register at any time, I'm only guaranteeing the Introductory rate of $195 through September 30th. To register, please email me at liz@lizbarnet.com. If you still have questions whether this program is for you, I'm happy to set up a time to chat for 10-15 minutes to discuss your goal + concerns. Additionally, if you have an injury or are pregnant, please email me so we can determine if this program is appropriate.

I look forward to coaching you to a stronger, faster, fitter you! 


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