6-Weeks Strong

At-Home Training Program


After 15 years of personal training + group fitness coaching literally over thousands of clients, I know most people want the same thing out of a fitness program: it should be effective, efficient, safe, and fun, all while taking into consideration the necessary time + financial investment. 


My At-Home Training Programs are like having an experienced, on-demand personal trainer working right along with you, according to your fitness level, your goals, and your schedule. Additionally, the education you receive along the way will serve you well beyond the Program itself; you will complete it with a brand new understanding of how to move your body better - for life. You will no longer wonder, "Am I doing this right?" or "Is this the best exercise for me?" or "Am I wasting my time?" because you will KNOW how to exercise safely + effectively.




My programs features many of the advantages of working with a personal trainer, at the cost + flexibility of taking group fitness or virtual classes. Unlike most other exercise "classes," my programs are designed to be:

  • goal-oriented - with the intention of creating specific, positive changes over time

  • progressive - creating a strong foundation on which to add more challenging exercises + intensities as you progress, creating a stimulus for change

  • modifiable - with options provided for various levels of experience + ability as well as available equipment

  • safe + effective - based on established exercise science principles, with no Instagram-worthy "circus tricks"

  • functional + efficient - including exercises that effectively target your entire body, organized to make the most of your time + effort

Each program is based on the most science-based, functional, and effective exercise strategies for the average person looking to improve their overall fitness, body composition, and general health. 


  • 12 strength sessions, completed over 4-6 weeks (2-3 sessions a week)

    • 3x a week is the perfect amount of strength training for the average person with common goals. 

    • 2x a week is sufficient if you are new to working out and/or limited on time, and/or are incorporating other workouts (especially intense and/or strength-focused)

    • This Program takes into account that "life" happens - but shouldn't derail your progress.

  • Intentionally designed programming similar to what you would expect working with a personal trainer;               every workout is:

    • balanced (across planes of motion + movement patterns - not too much or little)

    • comprehensive (lower body, upper body, core, and correctives for common concerns like lower back pain, limited mobility, etc.)

    • progressive (more challenging over time, with plenty of modifications, and including benchmarks to measure progress)

  • 30-35 minute workouts, including warmup + targeted stretches

  • Bodyweight + dumbbell-focused exercises (medium-heavy suggested)

    • Optional but recommended equipment: resistance band (long theraband, medium- heavy resistance loops); a bench, box, or sturdy step; foam roller (warmup/mobility work)

  • Email support available during program related to workouts, exercises, modifications, etc.

  • Pre-recorded, private YouTube videos for convenient access cross devices

  • Bonuses:

    • 2 Bonus mobility workouts: 1 upper body-focused / 1 lower body-focused, using foam roller/balls + stretching

    • Bonus Workout 101: Strength video

    • Bonus Workout 101: Core video

  • Discounted 1:1 health coaching available, including a single 30 minute Zoom session to answer questions, offer modifications, provide feedback on form etc. ($50, discounted from $75)

  • Discounted LIVE Zoom workout classes on most Saturdays at 9am ET (MetCon, a combination of strength training + HIIT; class is 40 minutes)


  • Program is officially released as of Sunday, November 22nd, and available for purchase through the end of 2020. On 11/22 or within 24 hours of purchase, you will receive all workouts + bonuses via email.

  • Early pricing: The Program is available for purchase as of Monday, November 2nd; from 11/2 through Monday, November 16th, early pricing of $95 is available. After 11/16, the price increases to $115. For the price of less than 1 traditional personal training session, you will receive instruction, education, and support for 6 weeks. (Venmo, Zelle or PayPal accepted)

  • Try before you buy: If you are interested, but apprehensive because you have not previously worked with me, you can purchase a single pre-recorded Strength workout (from a previous program) to try for yourself. If you choose to move forward, the $10 will be applied to the cost of the program.

To register or if you have questions, email liz@lizbarnet.com. 15-minute phone/Zoom consultations are available to make sure the program is a right fit for you!

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