Food Coaching

As a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I have studied hundreds of dietary theories + their practical applications. My education certifies me as a "health coach," although my focus with clients tends to be on the food they eat (or don't) and how they move their bodies (or don't). 

I believe that what you eat and how you move are two of the greatest influences on your health + happiness, along with sleep + stress management. 

I offer a variety of Food Coaching program options, all of which most likely will touch on your fitness regimen, sleep quality + stress levels as well. (Don't be surprised if improving your diet positively impacts the other factors, and vice versa!)

If you think that your diet is stopping you from seeing the results you are looking for - whether that means weight loss, more energy, less pain, better digestion, stronger immunity, or just learning how to enjoy what you eat and not stress about it - food coaching could be for you. Email me for more information, or if you have questions about the process before committing to getting started.