I have trained with Liz Barnet for the last seven months, and she has helped me to tone up and become physically strong without the bulk.  Liz was very good at listening to me, and worked WITH me in terms of my workout regimen to meet my goal, vs. trainers who are in it to meet their goals.  She was able to design a workout program that helped me to reach my goal which I am thrilled about.  Liz also has a Pilates background, therefore she was able to give me a better understanding of my own “core” muscles, and pushed me up slowly to lifting 50 lbs. on a bench press from 30 lbs.  And to boot, Liz is very pretty with a great sense of humor, which I love in a trainer!   Thanks to my program with Liz (and with a proper diet), I am feeling more confident, stronger and definitely more physically fit. Thanks for everything Liz!!!

SunHee Grinnell

Working with Liz for the past few months has made me aware of all the things my body is capable of. I never pushed myself as hard as I did when working with Liz, and the benefits were amazing.  I felt stronger, leaner and more balanced than I ever have before.  She taught me to use my body as a tool in shaping itself, as well as how to use all the equipment in the gym that has always intimidated me.  She was an extremely positive influence on my body confidence, and has really made me want to learn how to take care of myself.  I would recommend her services to everyone, not only as a fitness instructor, but as a health counselor and body mentor.  I always felt great about myself and my accomplishments after working out with her, and I always look forward to our next session.  She is truly a joy to work with.

Stacey S

At the suggestion of a friend, I entered into a program of personal training with some degree of skepticism; I had in the past achieved a decent level of fitness without professional help and was uncertain of what this would add.  Liz quickly dispelled any doubts.  Even after a just a few sessions I was stronger and more stable than ever before; and I felt my body was more balanced and resilient.

Liz has a breadth of knowledge that keeps sessions both fun and challenging – and unquestionably effective.  Mixing traditional weight training with pilates, yoga,and plyometrics continues to keep interest levels up, presenting a mentally intriguing aspect to the exercises.

I am about to undergo a training regime for the New York Marathon; followed by some fairly serious mountaineering in the Himalaya.  I will continue to work with Liz as I am confident she will help me excel in both ventures.


Liz’s approach to fitness and passion for her field has proven to make her an influential trainer, mentor, and friend.  She understands her clients’ needs and abilities.  And with that she is able to create a regime and program that will successfully lead anyone she works with to attain their personal fitness goals.

Mary S.

Liz is one of the best personal trainers I have ever worked with – her background in nutrition, yoga and pilates in addition to more traditional personal training practices really gives her a unique edge. She is warm, friendly, and committed to her clients, and she caters to her clients by tailoring training programs to their individual needs. I even found her to be fluid in changing my program from week to week if what she had planned wasn’t addressing what we had to confront that day. She made me feel at ease, while simultaneously pushing me to my limits and beyond. She has an incredible ability to know what those boundaries are, and to take you right to them. It is clear that she spends time carefully planning and arranging her sessions and I really appreciated how present and committed she was to my physical health and well-being. If given the opportunity, I would train with her anytime.

Nicole S.

Liz completely redesigned my workouts.  She listened to my requests, understood my goals and the amount of time I could spend at the gym, and then created very effective workouts.  Combining personal training with her Pilates and yoga background, Liz helped get my core and overall physical fitness to a point it hasn’t been to in years.  Additionally, many of her exercises can be done in a hotel room, which is critical to me as a frequent business traveler.” 

Nicholas N.

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