Sample Workout Classes

Please note that these are recordings of live virtual workouts that have taken place over Zoom. The majority of the video will be me demonstrating, although you may see a split screen of participants once or twice. Feel free to follow along these 35 minute, full-length workouts! 

35 minute total body strength class, utilizing medium-heavy dumbbells with options for resistance bands or bodyweight variations. Start off working the lower + upper body with squats, lunges, deadlifts, and pushing + pulling movements. Then finish off by burning out the core. Modifications for injuries provided.

MetCon (Metabolic Conditioning) is an efficient, effective + safe way to combine the "best of" high intensity interval training + bodyweight strength training. We kick off with HIIT, getting the hard rate up + getting the hard work out of the way, and follow with bodyweight strength + mobility work for a well-rounded, challenging workout.

This 40 minute vinyasa yoga class is an abbreviated but challenging flow. You'll begin with a thoughtful warmup sequence to prepare the body, followed by 2 standing sequences to strengthen the legs and open up the heart. Twists are incorporated to help release tight muscles and whatever isn't serving you. You'll conclude with a few deep stretches for commonly tight areas, and 5 minutes of deep breathing and rest.

Resistance Band Workouts

These workouts are approximately 5 minutes each and are perfect on their own, repeated as a circuit, or combined for a total body workout. The movements are low impact + easy on the joints - but you will definitely feel the burn!
Complete 10-12 repetitions of each movement in order; repeat the circuit 1-2 time for a muscle group focused workout, or do 1 set of all 3 workouts, and then repeat 1x for a 30 minute total body workout. Equipment required: mini band for the lower body workouts, longer resistance band for the upper body workout. 

Mobility + Recovery Series

Although I love a good sweat session, to be honest, what you're doing (or NOT doing) outside of your workout is really going to determine whether or not you see results - and whether or not you have to deal with aches + pains. I'm sharing a few different series targeted towards address common issues or complaints - "tight" hips, shoulders, and back.
I say "tight" because what you may perceive as tightness in one area could actually be weakness, tightness in another area, or from something else altogether. That said, these series are safe + effective for most people + populations, and can be incorporated as often as you make the time for it.
*Note that the foam rolling series may not be appropriate for you if you have any of the following conditions or concerns: high blood pressure or other cardiovascular issue, orthopedic injuries or issues, acute injury to tissue being addressed, an autoimmune condition, or are pregnant.