Virtual Personal Training

Since 2008, I have been working with personal training clients since 2008. I started at Equinox, which provided me with a wonderful foundation of knowledge + experience; later, I became a Fitness Manager, guiding + mentoring over 50 trainers with their education and programming.


Eventually, I began working exclusively with private clients, offering sessions with the convenience of coming to their home, office or gym.


In order to continue offering evidence-based, adaptive + individualized programming no matter where you live, I now offer virtual personal training via Lift Session

Lift Session is a user-friendly virtual fitness coaching platform that connects trainers and clients. In addition to communicating via 2-way video, Lift includes unparalleled programming features, including:

  • an exercise library with demonstration videos

  • timer, reps, and set clocks

  • a “pencil” tool to give visual cues to clients, where coaches can give visible cues + feedback

  • every session saves to the client’s account, including a PDF with the program and the trainer’s notes; clients can then recreate the workout on his or her own

  • (for iPad) a built-in heart rate monitor. If you have a compliant HR chest strap, we will both be able to see and track your heart rate during sessions

Not to mention, Lift includes a beautifully, designed a user-friendly platform that makes the experience seamless. As long as you have a compatible computer or iPad and WiFi connection, you can train with me.

Email me directly or visit my booking page to set up your first virtual personal training session.

Lift Session offers fitness coaching 1-on-1 and in group formats. I train clients privately with Lift Session, and I'm also a Coach for group classes!